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Emiliano Pardo-Tristán

Composer and Guitarist


"Emiliano Pardo Tristán played with so much energy and emotion that the room was filled with the echoes of Latin rhythms."
Community Focus, Philadelphia, USA.





“Pardo-Tristán derives his percussive effects, colors and rhythms from Latin American popular music, but in a rich and original way.”
Avila Digital, Spain.

“Panamanian composer Emiliano Pardo-Tristán has a thorough knowledge of his art.”
AEGIVE, Spain.

"The music losses its unintelligible shape and acquires physical forms that can be touched and understood. This thought is what remains with us after seeing and listening to Emiliano Pardo-Tristán, a Panamanian who performs the classical guitar with the enthusiasm of a child, and at the same time of a mature man who doesn't forget the notes, because the notes are his life."
La Prensa, Panama.

"...the art creates subtlety intelligence and virtuosity in the character of the Panamanian soloist Emiliano Pardo-Tristán." Fort-de France, Martinique. "...when we listen to a guitarist like Emiliano Pardo Tristán we discover that the guitar is an instrument without limits. He knows how to dig out its secrets".
La República, Panama. "